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We service all of Overland Park as a licensed master plumber and have worked in the area for the last five years. Our Overland Park plumbers can provide fast and effective service. We know and understand the building codes and requirements for Overland Park. In the northern part of Overland Park, homes are generally older and therefore will require more maintenance or service. Some of the common issues that we run into are cast iron drain lines and older supply lines.

If you are remodeling your bathroom or if you just have a leak, having a plumber that is familiar with Overland Park homes can provide sound advice as to when it is time to repair and when it is time to replace. We have also completed the plumbing on several remodels in which we have become familiar with the plumbing codes and inspections.


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The southern part of Overland Park is mostly made up of newer houses that tend to have minimal plumbing issues. Most of the newer homes are built with a PRV or pressure reducing valve that is located near the area that the water comes into the house. It is a good idea to check your water pressure to make sure the PRV is working.

One of the most common reasons we get called out to newer houses in Overland Park is due to sump pump failure. For those that have a finished basement, we recommend installing a backup pump in addition to the primary.

Zip # of Homes Avg year Built PRV Supply Lines Drain Lines
66204 9,637 1960 No Copper Cast Iron
66207 5,651 1964 No Copper Cast Iron
66210 8,832 1984 Yes Copper / Poly ABS / PVC
66212 15,661 1971 No Copper Cast Iron
66213 11,278 1993 Yes Copper / Pex ABS / PVC
66214 5,616 1976 No Copper ABS
66215 11,018 1972 No Copper ABS
66221 4,992 1997 Yes Pex PVC
66223 8,540 1998 Yes Pex PVC
66224 3,823 2002 Yes Pex PVC
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