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Multiple 40 gallon water heaters

Maximum efficiency with multiple water heaters

There are a lot of homes in the Kansas City are that have more than one water heater installed to meet their hot water needs. The most common reason that homeowners add a second water heater is to produce enough hot water to fill up a large soaker bathtub.

It’s my personal opinion that many homeowners that have more than one water heater really don’t need multiple units. Most of the cheap water heaters on the market really start to lose performance as they get older. The sediment from the water will build up at the bottom of the unit, which acts as an insulator and reduces the ability of the burner to heat the water.  This is just one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to flush out your water heater on a yearly basis.

For the homes that do have multiple water heaters there are two basic installation methods that multiple units can be installed, series and parallel. Water heaters installed in a parallel loop an typically not as efficient as water heaters installed in series. A series installation will feed the water into the first water heater where it is heated and then feeds into the second water heater. Depending on your hot water demand, you may be able to turn the thermostat down on your first water heater. I recommend setting the first thermostat to low or even on vacation mode and setting the second thermostat  higher to your desired water temperature.