All fixtures and fittings must be lead free by 2014
Posted on Aug.23, 2013 by Chase Thompson

Most of the faucets purchased before 1997 were made from brass containing a lead content of about 8%. When water site in a faucet overnight the lead can leach into the potable water supply. In 1997 regulations required that fixtures contain a lower content of lead to minimize the risk for contamination. 

Starting January 4 2014, fixtures are required to be no greater than .25 % lead among the wetable surface. Most manufacturers of faucets are cheating on this requirement by building the supply lines into the fixture.

Fixtures are not the only material used for plumbing that contain lead. Many ball valves, hose bibs, shower fixtures, and other fittings. If you do have a lead faucet you can run your water for 60 seconds in the morning and when you get home from work.


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