Backup Pumps

Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps

A battery backup sump pump is a good idea if you have a finished basement.  The advantage to installing a battery backup is that you have a second switch, float, and pump in case of failure with the primary pump.  The most common reason that people that have battery backup sump pumps still get flooded is because they are unaware that their primary pump has failed and they run on their backup for too long. A backup sump pump is only designed to get you through a couple of days. In a flood this can be important if you go out of town or just happen to be at work when the storm hits.

The most important thing to do when you have a backup sump pump is to make sure to inspect them before a storm hits. Using a battery backup that has a battery charger built in can save you hassles of replacing the battery often. You should also get a backup that can primarily run off electricity when the power is in tact. A battery will usually run a backup pump for about 8 hours of no electricity.


Water Powered backup sump pump

A battery powered backup is definitely an option for installing a backup sump pump. The only downside to this system is that you use two gallons of water for every gallon that you pump out of your basement. You have to consider the conditions on the outside of the home to see if this makes sense. Many homes in Overland Park have french drains or underground lines that redirect the water away from the house. If your sump pump is just dumping right outside your house and settling a few feet from your house you may want to reconsider a water powered backup. 

Many water powered backups are installed improperly because they have not been installed with a backflow preventer. The is to keep your fresh water from being contaminated.


Alarm Indicator for sump pump

A third option for a backup sump pump is to install an alarm for your system. An alarm can be installed to any sump pump or backup sump for $185. This alarm has a sensor that will alert you when water levels get higher than what the sump can keep up with. The alarm does not come with an additional pump like the battery backup.

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